Key Issues

A range of policies, legislation and programmes at all levels of government impact on progress towards reducing and ultimately eradicating fuel poverty. Current and relevant information can be found in this section.

Fuel Poverty Overview gives a snapshot of fuel poverty facts and figures, definitions and causes.

EAS’s position on the main contributing factors to fuel poverty are stated here, as are briefings produced by EAS on relevant topics.

The Policy, Legislation and Schemes section covers the relevant aspects of fuel poverty and related matters at local, Scotland, UK and European levels. As well as policy, it gives overviews of the current fuel poverty and domestic energy efficiency schemes relevant to Scotland.

Statistics and Trends highlights the key figures for topics such as official fuel poverty rates, energy price levels, Excess Winter Deaths and changes in overall poverty and inequality in Scotland.

Fuel Poverty and Health details the effect of cold indoor temperatures on health, and signposts to relevant research and initiatives.

Fuel Poverty and Health

The link between living in a cold, damp home and the stress of attempting, on a regular basis, to make ends meet and poor health has long been recognised.


Fuel Poverty Overview

This page gives an overview of the relevant statistics, definitions and information for fuel poverty in Scotland.


Policy Position Statements

These policy position statements show EAS’s position on various matters relating to fuel poverty such as rural fuel poverty, national pricing, renewable energy, fuel poverty and health and more.