Fuel Poverty Challenge Fund 2022

Fuel Poverty Challenge Fund 2022/2023

Energy Action Scotland is launching a Fuel Poverty Challenge Fund because of funding made available by the William Grant Foundation.   The Fund is available to our ordinary members and supporter member individuals and organisations who work with fuel poor communities in Scotland.

What is the Fund for? 

We recognise that while there are multiple sources of help for fuel poor and vulnerable households, these cannot fully meet local and specific needs.  The Fuel Poverty Challenge Fund will provide grants to successful applicants that can help fill the gaps.  We are looking to work with organisations to identify better ways to support people in communities currently underserved by traditional programmes for example where:

  • Household’s first language is not English
  • Households are digitally excluded
  • Households are lone parent families
  • Households with a person living with a disability or essential medical needs
  • Households with other protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010

Our goal is to identify key learning to improve the quality of support provided by government programmes, energy companies, charities, and regulators

The process is intended to be light and responsive. We believe that it is important to be flexible and that project design and delivery needs to be tailored to the community that it aims to benefit.

Applicants are however expected to clearly state the potential benefits, key metrics and why applicants believe that the project will have a positive impact for their target group/community.

Proposals will be assessed by an independent panel.

The maximum grant is £20,000 (inclusive of VAT).  Maximum project length is 12months, finishing no later than 31 December 2023.

If you would like to discuss potential project applications, please email us at fuelpovertychallengefund@eas.org.uk and we can arrange this.

Key dates:

  • Application submission deadline 30 September 2022.
  • Announcement of award 24 October 2022.
  • Project commencement 1 December 2022

Application form and Guidance Notes can be found on the Energy Action Scotland website