For Households

Information relevant to householders about reducing energy use and managing fuel bills can be found here. Contact details for some useful advice and support organisations are also given.

Energy, Money & Debt Advice

If energy bills are a worry or fuel debt is building up, then help is at hand. Always talk to your gas/electricity supplier first if you have a problem with your bills, as they might be able to offer support. Other sources of advice and support can also help.


Fuel Bill Problems & Extra Help

Sometimes you might have a problem with your fuel bills or need to contact your fuel supplier about the service you are getting. At a certain point in your life, you might feel that you need some extra support with managing some aspect of your fuel supply or fuel bills. Here is some information about […]


Heating, Insulation & Gas Connections Grants

Some homes can benefit from a new or different type of heating system that is more effective. Others might need insulation to reduce heat loss and so make them warmer or cheaper to heat. If your home is off the mains gas grid, it might be possible to have help in getting a gas connection. […]


Managing Your Fuel Bills

Know Your Supplier Getting the Best Deal – payment methods and tariffs Switching Supplier