Conference November 2023 – Presentations

Presentations given by speakers at our Leadership for Fuel Poor Households, Conference on 23 and 24 November 2023 can be found here.  Only speakers highlighted have submitted a presentation.

We are very grateful to SGN for sponsoring this event.


Day 1 Thursday 23 November 2023



09:30 – 10:30



40 Years of Energy Action Scotland – in the Auditorium

Chair: Frazer Scott,  Chief Executive Officer, Energy Action Scotland

Adam Scorer, Chief Executive, National Energy Action

Sean Duffy, Chief Executive Officer, The Wise Group

Maureen McIntosh, Director of Customer Services, SGN







11:00 – 12:30

Breakout 1:  Financial support / debt relief – in the Auditorium

David Hillferty, Director of Impact, Citizens Advice Scotland

Hazel Knowles, Energy Project Lead, Advice Direct Scotland

Dr Manal Eshelli, Project Coordinator, WSREC

Breakout 2:  Fuel Poverty Strategy – in the Inspiration Space

Matthew Cole, Chair of the Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel and Head of Fuel Bank Foundation and Kirsten Jenkins, Senior Lecturer in Energy, Environment and Society, University of Edinburgh and Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel

Breakout 3:  EU funded (Horizon 2020) – in the Innovation Space

EnergyMEASURES project supports energy poor households providing tailored measures and bespoke advice.

Speakers: Brian Whitington – Tighean Innse Gall; Niall Dunphy – University College Cork.

CEES (Community Energy for Energy Solidarity) project is developing a toolkit of proven and replicable approaches to alleviate fuel poverty.

Speakers: Lynda Mitchell and Rachel McNicol – ALIenergy; Felix Wight – Repowering London





15:45 – 17:15



Retrofit andThe Challenge of Tenements – in the Auditorium

Chair: Stewart Wilson, Director, Muirneag Consulting Ltd, Point & Sandwick Trust, EAS Trustee

Niall Murphy, Director, Glasgow City Heritage Trust

Chris Morgan, Architect & Director, John Gilbert Architects

Aythan Lewes, Chartered Building Surveyor & Director, EALA Impacts CIC

Day 2 Friday 24 November 2023



9:30 – 11:00



Energy: a Continuing Crisis – in the Auditorium

Chair:  Ann Loughrey, Social Justice Campaigner

Gillian Martin MSP, Minister for Energy and the Environment, Scottish Government

Lewis Shand-Smith, Chair, Energy Consumers Network

Satwat Rehman, Co-chair, Just Transition Commission

Bill Scott, Senior Policy Adviser, Inclusion Scotland




11:30 – 13:00



Fuel Poverty: a Public Health Crisis – in the Auditorium 

Chair:  Rose Chard, Warm Home Prescription Technical Lead, Energy Systems Catapult

Rachel McAdams, Service Manager, Economy, Poverty and Environment Service, Public Health Scotland

Rob Howard, Director of Public Health, Leicester City Council